Accompany your passion with equal action

Most people do express their concern towards the need for environmental management. This is not enough though to bring about the desired change. In order to achieve the best results towards conservation of the environment the passion should be accompanied with actions. No matter how simple the gesture may be just do it. Your positive contribution towards the environment if added with the efforts of others will bring about the desired change.

Initially people were resistant to the suggestions touching on the issue of environment. This has however changed over years after witnessing the effects caused by destruction of the environment. Though the idea is being adopted there is still need to create awareness. Sensitization programs will help more people understand better the importance of saving the earth.

Sustainable development has seen environmental advocates such as Janique Goff team up with other people in different fields to come up with ideas to promote developments that are eco-friendly. Sustainable development demands that the available resources should be used sparingly to benefit the current generation without compromising their existence. When observed the future generation will also benefit from what nature offers.

This can be achieved by maintaining the resources such as forest cover to the required percentage. Effective use of water by reducing wastage or unnecessary use is one method that a person can practice individually. It is easy to ignore a leaking tap or pipe so long as it is not affecting your water supply. Such negligence or assumption may affect you indirectly. As the population of the earth continues to swell the access to social amenities keep reducing. The water leaked to the ground cannot be recovered. If no immediate action is taken the continuous supply of water in your residential area will be affect.

Other methods that are widely gaining recognition in their achievement towards conservation of the environment include the energy conservation strategies. This has made many manufacturers develop products that consume less energy. Others can also use alternative sources of power depending on the time of the day. For example the portable solar power advocated for by Janique Goff together with other environmental activists serves the same purpose as those using other sources of power.

Just as other renowned activists around the world we should strive to bring desirable changes in our residential areas. Let people learn from your actions and be an agent of change.

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