Arizona Computer Recycling Services from E-Waste Harvesters

Do you know that less than 30% of our obsolete electronics is re-sellable for different purpose? Do you know that over 70% gets thrown away if not properly recycled? In this time, we can buy and upgrade new monitors and computers easily. After we purchased the new version of computer, how about the old ones? Did you just throw it away?  For your information, many of computer and monitor products contain high levels of leachable lead and other heavy metals. Biodegradability of it is very slow and no re-use of the raw materials occurs.

When it comes to land filling computers and monitors, there is no direct legislated prohibition exists. If you want to throw your old computer and monitors, you can call e waste recycling phoenix now. E-waste harvester has been committed to recycling and reducing landfill waste since the company was inception. From now on, you can count on E-Waste Harvesters to help you throw your computer. This company provide complete and environmentally responsible disposition of your IT assets. With arizona computer recycling, you can get corporate asset disposition such as recycle, redeployment, destruction, and disposal. Security risks and asset redeployment or disposal are important factors in an assets total cost of ownership.

If you need hard drive destruction services, you can order from E-Waste Harvesters. E-Waste Harvesters on-site data destruction and hard drive destruction service are available before removal and electronics recycling takes place. With on-site hard drive shredding gives the client a chance to watch the process take place from the office. The service provides clean ad secure destruction of hard drives, cell phones, backup tapes, LTO, thumb drives and other data storage devices. This process may be witnessed by client to ensure all organizational requirements are being met. If you are interested and need more information, you can visit the official website.

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