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Gas Station Work

As someone who works in a gas station, there are certain duties that you have to perform while you’re on your shift. These duties are often the same for each shift that you work as other people who are in … Continue reading Continue reading

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Playing Online Poker with My Wife

Five card draw used to be my favorite hand of poker to play. Of course, it was the only kind of poker I knew how to play, so I guess that contributed to it being my favorite. My older brother … Continue reading

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Access to Electric Grid is Crucial in Africa

Most African families struggle to provide for their children, put food on their tables and electricity in their houses. One of the things that are in abundance in Africa is sunlight. A brave African housewife dared to try and install … Continue reading

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How You Can Fight Climate Change

Despite what you might have heard, climate change is very real and very serious. Scientific studies have proven the planet is getting warmer and warmer. Storms like hurricanes are getting more and more severe. We’re seeing normally warm weather events … Continue reading

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