Gas Station Work

As someone who works in a gas station, there are certain duties that you have to perform while you’re on your shift. These duties are often the same for each shift that you work as other people who are in the gas station have other tasks that they have to complete at different times during the day. There are a few tasks that are more common than others for a gas station services technician to complete so that you have a general idea for how to serve the customers and how to keep the building clean.

One of the things that you have to do is monitor the gas levels on the pumps. This is an essential component to your job as the owner of the gas station has to know when to order more gas during the week. You also need to maintain the cleanliness of the store. If it’s not clean, then it will be hard for customers to find the things that they are looking for, such as drinks, car accessories, and snacks. Keep the exterior of the building clean as well, especially the areas around the gas pumps. Make sure any window cleaner containers are full of fluid so that customers can use them to clean their windows while they are getting gas.

If you work during the day, then your job will likely consist of taking care of customers and making sure items are stocked on the shelves. You will likely answer phone calls and meet with some of the delivery drivers. The night shift of a gas service technician is often very different. The person will usually have to print a report of the amount of money that the store brought in during the day and make sure that the bathrooms are stocked before going home. The technician usually has to sweep and mop as well.

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