Getting the Advantages from Using Solar Thermal Energy System

Saving the energy and minimizing carbon footprint might look like a huge commitment, but actually it can be done in a simple way such as by turning off the lamp when you don’t use it. One of the ways to save the energy is by using solar thermal energy. There are numerous reasons to have this system in your house or office. Not only will it save the energy and reduce your carbon footprint, but also lower your monthly payment and get incentive form the government. The solar thermal system is not complicated at all. It is very easy to fit, easy to maintain and very reliable.

The first benefit from using solar thermal system is cutting your carbon footprint. Whenever you use systems that are using fossil fuels like oil, gas or coal, you will give a contribution to the releasing of carbon dioxide that will affect the long-term climate change. Since solar thermal system uses heat, then it is very environment friendly. You can generate about USD50 to 60 of your hot water requirement from this system and drop the carbon footprint significantly. The second benefit is reducing the energy bills. Most houses are spending about 20 to 25% of the annual energy bill on water heating. Solar thermal system is able to cut the energy bill significantly, moreover during the summer.

The third benefit from using solar thermal system is earning an income. Not all countries have this program, but some countries give incentive to the citizens that use solar thermal energy. After the Renewable Heat Incentive introduced in this early year, the government will pay an incentive. Limiting the reliance to the conventional energy supply is the fourth benefit of using the system. The price of energy is increasing significantly. Just imagine if you can cut 75% of the energy bill. Last, but not least, solar thermal energy is a well-developed technology that has been used for a while, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the tool. For the professional support, Urban Energy that you can meet on AU can be a good consideration.

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