Playing Online Poker with My Wife

Five card draw used to be my favorite hand of poker to play. Of course, it was the only kind of poker I knew how to play, so I guess that contributed to it being my favorite. My older brother is the one who taught me how to play, and that was the only game he knew. When I got older, I learned that there are so many other kinds of poker games to play. I also learned that you can play Poker Terbesar instead of sitting around a table with a group of friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy sitting with friends and playing. Some of those poker nights with my pals are some of my best memories. However, not all of us can get together on a regular basis. That is why I wanted to find out about online poker in the first place. My wife has no problem with me meeting up with the guys, so I talked to her about online poker. She had no problem with that either because she knows that I am not going to become addicted to it and lose the house or our savings account!

It is just about having some fun, and I find poker is a way for me to relieve the stress of a very hectic job. Playing for a half or so in the evenings when she is busy with her own thing is just what I need some nights. She has even watched me play, and she opened up an account of her own because of how much fun it was. We play different poker games on this site, which is really cool because we have never been fans of each others’ favorite games. Now we can play together, have fun, and still do our own thing.

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