The first days after getting a driver’s license

Every day in every city, millions of vehicles appear on the road. Some of them are even latest Hybrid BMWs or some other hybrid cars but most of those cars are driven by novice drivers who have received a driver’s license just a few days ago and have not yet had time to gain any experience. In order to avoid unpleasant situations on the road and of course accidents, you have to observe some basic rules.

The code of a novice driver

To become a good driver from the first day of your driving experience, first of all you should get used to the cultural and cautious way of driving and remember that the attention on the road is one of the main components of success.

A novice driver should:

– Realistically assess their knowledge and capabilities – even if your first car is extremely expensive, you still need to overcome you ego and admit that you are just a novice. Purchase an “L” sticker. This way you will give other traffic participants a sign that you can make mistakes and not feel quite confident on the road. Of course, you will still be responsible in the event of a road accident; however, it is very likely that the very accident will be avoided.

– Constantly hone their driving skills. If possible, it is necessary to practice on your own and “feel” the car.

– Stay calm in any situation – naturally a cautiousness and sluggishness from a beginner can irritate other drivers. Honks, discontent from other drivers and even jeering are just a few thing on the list of what is waiting for an inexperienced driver in the first day on the road. However, you should not get involved in a conflict. Keep calm, finish your maneuver and drive on.

– Observe all the traffic regulations – the actions of a novice driver have to be clear to other drivers. Ambiguity is not allowed.

– Remember about the safety of pedestrians – traffic rules are broken by both drivers and pedestrians, and the latter break those rules even more often. Be prepared for the fact that at any time a pedestrian can appear out of nowhere. In this case, the response must be instantaneous, because even in the case the traffic regulation was broken by the pedestrian, it will be pretty difficult for a driver to prove they are not guilty.

– Drive carefully. Quite often, an inexperienced driver cannot resist the temptation to drive fast. Especially if they found some dealers offering good prices on BMW M3 or on similar fast cars and now they want to show off other drivers or possible girls. However, you should keep in mind that this might lead to some pretty bad consequences. Often a roadway punishes even the most experienced but self-confident drivers, not to mention novices. Therefore, the compliance with these rules will allow you to successfully deal with all the complexities of the first days of driving and help you become a good driver in the future!

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