World Protection

Wrold Protection

Although the power that goes with authority can fall victim to abuse, there is much to say about a world without protection. People take many things for granted and assume nothing bad will happen, until it does. Safety is more than watching your step and taking caution about walking down a dark alley. Let’s consider for a moment some of the possibilities of such an alter-world.

Armed Military Would Not Exist

If protection no longer exists for civilization, governments would not exist and therefore no military services would be in place. Any band of foreign thugs could take over small sections of land and the people living there. Unless the citizens formed their own group of defenders, entire villages would fall into the hands of any enemy that happened their way.

There Would Be No Police Officers

Crime would be rampant because no civil authorities would be there to deter such activities as theft, arson and murder. There would be no such thing as calling the coppers to arrest a perpetrator. The people would be on their own to run to safety, or fight back and risk their own lives. No home would be safe for families to sleep peacefully or get the rest and relaxation they need at the end of the day.

No Ambulance Services

When civilization loses organized protection, other services vanish right along with it. People injured on the job, or doing home improvements would have no emergency number to call for an ambulance to rush them to hospital. Few people have training in the basics of First Aid, and those who are injured would simply bleed to death.

No Property Or Personal Coverage

People would lose their homes to fire and become homeless because it cost too much to start all over again. Intruders would help themselves to sneaking into homes under darkness to walk off with personal possessions. Insults and malpractice would go unchecked because no one has a lawyer to call and file a civil suit. Perhaps people would treat their neighbours with more respect.

Physical damage to personal property, loss of real estate and bodily damage would have no recourse in any court of law because there are no authorities to address the situation. Until the day arrives when all forms of authority vanish from the picture, people can rely on services that offer protection in the form of insurance policies. These documents issued by major companies shoulder the risk and provide the financial recovery in the event you fall victim to loss.

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