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These days people are getting much more help from mobile phone rather than just making and receiving phone calls and text messages. Now many apps are there to use in smartphones for various tasks. Some of them are free and you have to buy some apps to use them on your smartphone. You would find any free apps on environment or weather.

Below is the list of some weather apps from which you would get news on environment and weather:

Weather: – This free app is developed by Michael Bachman. This app is very simple, reliable, fast and easy to use. If you want to try a free app just to get simple weather forecast then you can use this app.

The Weather Channel: – Right now this free weather app is one of the most popular amongst the smartphone users who use their phone to get updates on environment and weather.  You would get local weather forecast based on the location, alerts on weather and environment. The Weather Channel features traffic cameras and radar also. This map on this app is integrated with the Google Map and shows the user temperature, radar, index of ultra violet light and cloud cover. Here you can set a location to get update regularly. This app can be really helpful for travelers and tourists.

Weather Widget: – This app will be a great addition to your smartphone. Weather widget will do almost anything for you. Some Addons are available for this app that will also give you superb result. This app is really amazing and very easy to use. There is also a paid version available for this app.

Radar Scope: – This is an extremely helpful app that gives updates on the environment and weather. Unlike other weather apps, this app does not show the captured image, it interprets digital the from government’s official radar directly. As a result of this, user can easily identify the features of storm. Though this is not a free app, but it is worth of the price you are spending to buy this app.

WeatherBug: – Here is another free yet amazing app for your smartphone. This app provides weather updates of local areas and also provides some extra facilities. The accuracy and the add-ons like videos and maps are awesome.

Sunrise Sunset Lite: – A great app for people who want to know the timing of sunset and sunrise. This app uses GPS to calculate the location of the user and then automatically adjust day light saving time and time zone. This app will also tell the user the time of dusk, solar noon and dawn. It will also provide you the daylight duration.

Snow Report: – If you live in extremely cold area where snow fall may occur anytime, then this app is just for you. It will give you all the information of snow conditions and detailed report on total snowfall. Snow Report is also integrated with twitter so that you can spread the news very quickly via twitter.

These awesome environment and weather apps will help you to know about the upcoming conditions of environment and weather. You will also be able to survive from bad weather conditions with the help of these apps as it will give you the latest weather updates.

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