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If your business uses water in its process in any way, it is likely that you have a wastewater discharge permit that gives you maximum amounts of certain parameters that can be contained in your discharge water. The permit will likely contain requirements for periodic sampling to ensure the limitations are met. Meeting these requirements often means facilities must install a pretreatment system to get the water to acceptable levels.

Companies that are newly formed or have recently added operations that cause them to be impacted by more stringent wastewater discharge permit requirements can find themselves struggling to come up with the required capital to install a system. This is in addition to coming up with trained people who are able to operate the system. One option that may be a feasible alternative to raising with the necessary capital is to rent the equipment. Wastewater treatment companies like Sandling Industrial Services can provide rental equipment to help businesses comply with their requirements.

Another benefit of renting equipment to aid in treating the wastewater comes in the area of sludge dewatering. This can benefit businesses in a number of ways. Sludge from treatment operations frequently is hauled to a local landfill for disposal. Landfill requirements are usually such that materials with high liquid content are not accepted. The term “free liquids” is typically used to describe those liquids that can drip out of a material like sludge on its own. As part of the treatment process, companies must often use presses to squeeze out the water before putting in into a container in preparation for transport. Removing the water is necessary in order to meet landfill requirements.

Another way dewatering sludge can be beneficial is that it reduces the weight. Landfills typically charge by the ton so removing the water means companies are not paying tonnage charges of the portion of the material that is nothing but water. In addition, removing the water saves money on the transportation costs since weight impacts them also.

If you are looking for cost savings ideas to make your organization more profitable, you might want to look into the option of renting some of your treatment equipment. When you rent, it is likely that you will save on maintenance costs because that responsibility will fall on the equipment provider. In addition, you will be able to draw on the expertise of the folks that work for the rental company.

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